originally i did not envision including an "about me" type of page on this website. i'd rather that people form their own opinions "about me" through what they read and experience through this website.

the name of this website is "sugarcoat" because it's an expression that i identify with.

to an extent, i think it's an inevitable phenomenon of internet presentation. i get to express parts of myself on here that are ultimately curated by me, whether or not i'm aware of that in a certain moment.
this process occurs in real life, too. the difference between the presentation of myself online versus offline is the online, i am free to make changes i can more objectively observe. most of the time, these changes are permanently vieweable, which can be unfortunate for me. that's also the powerful aspect of it, because this allows me to pore over this version of myself that i'm presenting to the world. offline, my brain is free to interpret my presentation of myself in ways that aren't grounded in reality(this carries over to the online realm, too, but the content itself is not shifting in the ways memories do).
i can accidentally remember an altered memory that is embellished without me being aware of it. the content that is of myself online is objective, and it's easier to recognize that i am the one who is seeing this presentation and bringing all my perceptions and biases into it (especially if i'm one generating the content).

i find it interesting to look at other people's websites and see what they want to show the world through their own crusty coat of sugar. i hope you gain something through mine in a way that you find edifying.