entry 5: 10:58 am, april 6, 2020

today, i woke up starving.

entry 4: 8:07 pm, december 8, 2018

my life is moving forward yet i feel like i'm falling backwards in slow motion. when this happens in real life, you vomit. it will be interesting to see how that will translate. this state mimics limbo to me and i am trying to cling to something for the chance that i will care and continue holding on, which should banish me out of that feeling.

entry 3: 4:05 pm, november 19, 2018

fearful of jumping out of the detached train. once i'm in, life is smoothed over, bearable. i can choose to watch it pass me by the window, or i can shut my eyes and block it out. i'm compelled to escape this train, maybe it is movng me somewhere faster, but i don't feel the ache of my muscles as i would if i ran in another direction, away from the tracks. i wish to be able to choose my own path.
and i do, because i choose to stay. i loathe my unawareness and weakness of will.

entry 2: 10:31 pm, november 14, 2018


entry 1: 11:30 pm, october 30, 2018

is it inevitable i'll abandon this, too
little was accomplished on this day. that's normal. i'm wretched. how fitting that word has "retch" inside of it. how i'd love to vomit myself out of my body.

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